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We believe that every good business deserves an opportunity to achieve success. That's why for over 15 years we have been supporting companies from various industries in the field of Internet marketing so they can fully utilize their potential.

We specialize in the promotion of e-commerce websites. We offer professional, fair and effective solutions in such areas as website positioning, web analytics and online advertising.

Thanks to our experience in Poland and in many international markets, we have developed a unique methodology accompanied by effective strategies and tools. For years, they have helped our clients achieve results that we can be truly proud of.



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Learnings from more than a thousand completed projects and data from e-commerce reports from around the world allow us to support our clients with expert knowledge in the field of investing in internet marketing.

We know from experience that the integrated approach to data makes it possible to better control the strategies that are implemented, to constantly improve the profound understanding of customers and to identify unique opportunities for the development of online businesses. Therefore, in our work we use the top analytical tools, including: Senuto, Semstorm, Majestic SEO, Ahrefs, Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

Even before the start of your cooperation with NETMOVE, we will present you with a forecast of the growth of traffic and sales on your website that will be possible to achieve as the result of implementing our solutions.

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Effective acquisition of traffic from search engines can determine the success or failure of online businesses. Website optimization and the implementation of an appropriate strategy and positioning tactics tailored to the specifics of a particular industry allow to maintain high position of the website in search results and increase revenues and profitability in the long run.

We specialize in long tail positioning, which means driving traffic to the website from detailed search phrases. Such phrases account for 70% of traffic from search engines and up to 90% of transactions. This strategy, in the case of online stores, brings very quick results. Furthermore, if implemented consistently, it allows you to achieve a lasting advantage over your competitors.

Positioning should be a comprehensive approach. That is why each project starts with a detailed SEO audit of the website. We provide specialist support at every stage of implementation of necessary changes so that the website can fully use its potential - from naming and descriptions, to creating valuable content that influences the position of the website in the search results.

While working on website positioning we build on 15 years of experience and knowledge, supported by testing many strategies and solutions that we constantly optimize and implement for our clients.

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CPC campaigns

Cost-per-click campaigns can be an effective source of traffic to the website while allowing to maintain control over the profitability of advertising investments. In this way it is possible to effectively support the sale of a specific offer, run tactical promotional activities or inform about a new product or service.

Based on the experience of several thousand completed e-commerce campaigns, we have developed a media-buying model that allows a steady increase in turnover while lowering the cost of clicks. Advertising activities are based on a well-thought-out strategy that results from a detailed analysis of sales in the promoted website. Thanks to this, you can constantly optimize advertising expenses and improve your ROAS (Return On Ad Spend).

In addition to planning and buying media, we offer consulting services, building remarketing lists, as well as creation and production of advertising banners.

As a certified Google Partner, we have expertise in all Google Ads specializations: search advertising, video, advertising on the Google AdSense network, Google Shopping and mobile.

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SEO Audit

SEO audit is an essential element of any project related to the positioning of the website. It provides knowledge about the visibility of your website for search engines and its position as compared to the competition.

A professional SEO audit allows to identify the potential to increase organic traffic on the website and provides guidelines for making necessary changes in the construction, structure and content of the website in order to achieve the best results from the point of view of strategic business goals.

    The SEO audit is carried out in four key areas:

  • Technical elements: compliance with current search engine guidelines;

  • Content: quality of the content of the website and customization of the content in terms of the desired keywords;

  • Indexing: the visibility of the website and individual subpages in the search results for key phrases;

  • External links: number and quality of links to the page that determine the ranking of the page in the search engine;

After presenting the document containing the conclusions and recommendations from the SEO audit, we help in implementing the necessary changes in all key areas.

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